The Truth About Big Cities


A city is an unnatural habitat for human beings and is no different than a cancer tissue on Earth, which grows and grows until it destroys its host by turning natural wildernesses into concrete and steel jungles.

Similar to how our digestive systems are not yet evolved and adopted to agricultural inventions such as bread and rice (Which is clearly the case when the levels of insulin and sugar in our blood streams are analyzed after consuming these products), living cramped with more than two million people in a 800km2 area is also a social invention which both our psychological and physiological systems are not adopted to. And looking at the slow rate of evolution through out the history of men, it is highly unlikely that we will ever adopt to big cities in the next few millennia. 

Upon some anthropological research with daily observations and questions for our actions we can conclude that human beings were meant to have small groups of tribes and strict unspoken moral codes that adhered to the daily dealings within them. These moral values and honor codes were built through hundreds of thousands of years of behavioral evolution with many derivatives around the world, which is known today as cultural idiosyncrasies. However, sadly, the authenticity of culture itself seems to be likely to disappear under the domination of globalism and digitization. It’s just way too easy and effortless to be hooked up into our mobile devices, which later turns into an extremely difficult habit to get rid of.

In various books written about Roman history, Rome, during its heights, was known to be a big city where people from smaller towns would travel in order to engage in activities which would be identified as dishonorable behaviors within their own regional value systems. How often in todays modern world have we seen a beautiful young woman with traditional values turn into a raging slut after a few months of being in a big cosmopolitan city? Many times. The reason is because of the unnatural amount of options these cities offer when it comes to finding a partner. It also is clear that in big cities, individuals tend to be goal and material oriented as opposed to putting moral values and honor first. A modern businessman in these big cities would mercilessly sell out a good friend of his in the smallest opportunity he has once confronted with the choice of either keeping the friendship or achieving a material goal, which the big city has brainwashed him to work for.

And now with the invention of social networks, going to a city is not a prerequisite to become culturally degraded. In a different form, the big city is actually now in our pockets through the many applications it has to offer such as facebook and instagram and various dating application, which I don’t know much about.

When you shower an individual with never ending options, which he/she hasn’t really worked for that person will inevitably lose his/her moral values, unless the mind is dedicated to a religion or a stoic philosophy which protects it from degradation, the individual will most likely possess a non-monogamous and material oriented monstrous inner voice.

Human beings are highly dependent on their environments when it comes to behavior. Similar to liquid, they take the shape of a container that they are put inside of. However, going against nature by welcoming the life style of a big city (A big cancer tissue on earth) does indeed have a negative response. By now it must be obvious to everyone how cases of depression and other mental disorders manifest the degenerate millennials from not having a true tribe and honor codes to adhere to, and despite the promiscuous behaviors they have acquired from the big city, they are highly sterile and unrepredoctive according to statistics. They are nothing close to their traditional eastern counterparts in the developing world when it comes to replication; which is the ultimate mission nature has imbued us with along with survival and preservation.

I don’t see a way to fix this problem, unless social networks are completely shut down, religious and cultural studies become mandatory, and urban planners are restricted to plan cities no bigger than a few thousand people, which will clearly never happen, especially in the West.

These days I have been seriously thinking about buying land and building a modest house somewhere near the Taurus mountains, where I can periodically seclude myself from the unnatural toxic and socially corrupting powers of the big city.

1 thought on “The Truth About Big Cities

  1. bookooball

    Excellent post. This is why I believe the generation will mostly be made of nonconformists with deistic spirits. After generation X paved a path to tbe edge of the cliff, the millenials took the road full speed. Generation Z is still very young, but they have much promise.

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