The Lion


Zoom in Detail of an oil Painting depicting Benjamin Franklin done by Benjamin West in 1816

My Note: Benjamin Franklin, A man of accomplishment who has made many discoveries and inventions along with an astonishing political career. He achieved all of this without a formal university education, today we see an image of him on the front of a 100 dollar bill, perhaps the single biggest connotation for material success which we are reminded on a daily basis

Since I was young I always had a mindful way of living which forced me to question “why?” repeatedly on certain issues in life until i got something close to an acceptable answer in relationship with nature. I have never had doubts on the fact that human beings are related to animals. And I honestly think that we should not be ashamed of being sophisticated animals, it’s just ok. We sleep, eat, defecate and fornicate like them, so any man with reason and an above average IQ would be tempted by the idea that we must have some sort of a kinship with them. A premise, which Darwin and many other men of thought sought to scrutinize. 

However, the one thing that separates us the most from our relatives in the animal kingdom, is the fact that we are able to question are own actions and inner voice in relation with ethics and the bigger picture. The catalyst in thought which single handedly caused the human animal to create and affiliate religions with existence. As far as I know there are no animals which possess faith for a greater being other than a pet animal which warships its human owner. Besides that relationship, animals are mostly governed by the rules of instinct devoid of any ethics.

In contrast with animals, we are able to temporarily put our beings aside and ask ourselves: “Why?”. Thus by questioning and attempting to better our actions, we have invented formal institutions for learning called the university in antiquity. A place, which has long survived and was the beacon of light in many arrays of education until a few decades ago; now its left in ruins mainly due to popularism.


Today, universities are like restaurants; in good restaurants there are good chefs, but when the chef leaves the reputation of its name stays, however people resume to go there in hopes that they will receive the same service and most of the time end up being disappointed. But regardless, they still go there, simply because they are used to the name and place and the fact that its just “popular”, so they sheepishly continue to go there to satisfy their social and nutritional needs. There is a sheep in all of us, even in me. Once I caught myself engaging in a sheepish behavior when I was in an airport. I had two hours for my flight, so I had plenty of excess time, but when people were rushing around me to get to their flights, I also found myself in a rush for some reason which i was not able to fully identify at the moment. I asked to myself, “why am I rushing?, I have plenty of time”, and then the cold realization hit me that there was a trapped sheep inside me as well, which desperately wanted to get out and graze the green fields as it gently brushes its fleece with other fellow sheepsmen. It’s in our genetics to be a mindless follower, we need to control it, just how we control other negative feelings. In the end we are all a sheep to some degree, some of us are aware of our sheeply traits and fake not having them, and then there are the ones that are just completely unaware of what a sheep is.


As a good sheep, the moment we enter through the doors of our freshmen experience 101 classroom on orientation day, and we receive that simple piece of paper called the syllabus, we start to unknowingly develop a strong disability. Nature is a deep place, deeper than we can imagine, full of phenomena waiting to be discovered. However, identifying them is where the real hard work is, and for a man to instruct his mind to gravitate towards the depths of nature he needs to be a bit desperate, lost and uncomfortable in life, he needs to not see a written guide to what he needs to do. Thus, the syllabus can get between him and the rich uncertainties of life, which makes a strong, intelligent and successful man, appreciated by all the unregulated free markets. In the real world, a man must be able to see straight into opportunities and write his own syllabus, then he must relentlessly stick with it and complete his own course. The university takes this ability away from him, the ability to see things independently custom to his idiosyncrasies.

After completing the University with honors, the human animal attempts to take a shot at life. He goes and searches for a 9 to 5 job with a good salary, where he again receives the syllabus in a different form. He has to do things in the way the company instructs him to do. The poor thing cannot tap on to the depths of his ability to see into the opportunities in what nature has to offer. Instead he relies on the shallow orders of other human beings, a product of nature, who act nothing more than shitty real-estate agents who not only give you the worst deal by taking a huge profit out of your work, but also hide the other options available. Before you know it, you are 60 years old and still looking to be spoon fed other syllabi in life in order to enslave yourself. Your whole life’s work has become the one of a sophisticated sheep instead of that of a sophisticated Lion.

Men are capable of deep concentration unlike women who are capable and much better then men in multi tasking, but not so much in deep concentration. And thats precisely why there are no female Nikola Tesla’s or Da Vinci’s in the world, not because work places favor men, but because of the way nature has programmed the female mind. Matter of fact universities and work places have given the upper hand to women the past two decades, but have we seen a rise in successful females in the work force? Not notably enough. Instead the overall quality of work has gone down at many work places and establishments. The free market and nature is not politically correct and does not give a shit about diversity at work places, it cares solely about the quality and consistency of products and services. And in order to achieve excellence, we need people who can naturally focus and concentrate on tasks. Therefore, my friendly advice for young women who hold their careers more dearly than creating a family to themselves would be to at least be aware of the fact that mother nature and the free market is rigged in a way to favor men’s innate characteristics, so you are attempting to compete in a competition in which you cannot win, no matter how much you demand for change in universities and work places, which already favor the female gender. I love and respect women and would help them if they need me, but I honestly think that the liberal rhetoric is robbing them from their true happiness, which is creating a family, and brainwashing them to think that they can replace men, thus having an over arching matriarchy in society, where all men are emasculated.


On a separate note, The strength of Men’s focus is directly correlated with the amount of desperation and value we hold for a specific task. Men under pressure can achieve more then women, that is why we are better public speakers, because the increased heart rate, which comes from the fear of failing boosts our performances at most times. Similar to lions in the animal kingdom, male lions are seen often to be retired most of the week, but when there is an alarming challenge that must be addressed, like a huge elephant to be taken down or an invading large hostile pack of hyena’s to be defeated, the male lions get up and complete the risky challenging missions one by one in a coordinated fashion.

If the liberal rhetoric which states that all young people must go to college to have a chance at becoming somebody was true, than how can it explain all the university drop outs and the people who have never stepped foot in an educational establishment becoming multi billionaire business tycoons, super star artists and scientists with ground breaking discoveries and inventions? The answer is simple, they were never given a syllabus which limited their thoughts, most of them struggled in a young age and were desperate to succeed out of the need for survival. Having an early dose of that with just above average talents is a winning formula in life. Simply, because those men have worked directly with nature and the free market. They never had a shitty realestate dealer (a liberal university professor, probably a feminist or a male-feminist) who stood in between them and the market preaching on how to be good at something that they have only verbalized on but have never been good at it themselves in practice, and at the same time reminding them that they need to be politically correct while they dedicate their prime years in completing the distorted tasks out of sync with nature written on their syllabi.

At first the human lion worked for the need of survival, but when he tasted the success that came from the products of working directly with nature and the market, he did it again, and again. The only thing that changed in him through out the years in his path to becoming a master was the numbers and levels not the mindset and work habits. He is the same man in his late career as he was when he was working for the first time as a young struggling artist, engineer, scientist, politician or businessman. The difference between the formally educated class and the human lion is that noone told the lion what to do and how to do it, they told themselves what to do and learned how to do it through a trial and error approach with nature and the free market. Generally useless information was not fed to them through a politically correct silver spoon similar to the way it is done nowadays with the predominantly leftist education systems.




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