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FICTION – Tomsk 2046, Part 1, On Domestic Life


It was a cold February afternoon at the -20’s celsius in the Siberian city of Tomsk. Lake Tom was fully frozen, and there were no signs of traditional winter swimming festivities around the river—another dying Russian tradition. Spending his 124th day without leaving his home, Arseny spent an hour between the unconscious and subconscious as he slowly woke up in his fully orthopedic bed. The past 4 years he had repetitive dreams of falling, in some dreams he was falling in an airplane and in other dreams he was falling down from a building, but the theme was all the same, a terrifying feeling of rapid descent. On some occasions his dreams haunted him for up to 3 hours after he had woken up. He wanted to get back on a normal sleep schedule, since he promised his newly divorced mom Alexandra that he would go with her to an all inclusive beach resort near the city of Latakia located in the Russian state of western Syria. He took a glance at his alarm clock which read 4:53 from a distance. From the day light outside he couldn’t discern wether it was morning or the afternoon, he had completely lost track of time. The clock for him was nothing more than meaningless numbers.

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The Theory of an Evolution Break


We think we can outsmart nature’s rules by constantly creating alternatives to its ways, but she has a secret weapon for taking back what is rightfully hers. It’s called population decline. And its weapon does not utilize a virus or a natural catastrophe like a tsunami or an earthquake, her weapon lingers in our own mind and belief system. if you are a smart independent thinker, chances are high that you are already a victim of it.

One only needs to look at global population growth statics in order to see the larger picture. Is it by luck that developed nation states are not reproducing well enough where some are experiencing population decline? is it by chance that Sergey the computer scientist from Talinn in his late 30s has no kids and waiting patiently for the right match via online dating sites, but Abdul the villager at the age of 32 from kabul has 11 kids from his 2 wives both through arranged marriages?  Continue reading

Why Building Low-Rise Residential Buildings Is The Way of Nature



Typically, top levels of apartment units are most expensive, due to high demand. But if we were more in sync with nature, the bottom levels would have been priced higher.

Nature has endowed us with an immutable instinctual “fear of heights”, which is an evolutionary gesture that is hard-wired within us and is meant to protect us from falling. This alone should have made it pretty clear to us that mankind was meant to dwell not too high up in the air. But due to fierce societal competition especially among women, high levels are preferred and valued more in most societies especially in Turkey. People think they are more successful if they live higher than others in apartment buildings. Similar to the comparison of driving a BMW M5, as opposed to a Nissan X-Trailer. This desire to exhibit power to one another has alienated more important natural instincts. Continue reading