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The Lion


Zoom in Detail of an oil Painting depicting Benjamin Franklin done by Benjamin West in 1816

My Note: Benjamin Franklin, A man of accomplishment who has made many discoveries and inventions along with an astonishing political career. He achieved all of this without a formal university education, today we see an image of him on the front of a 100 dollar bill, perhaps the single biggest connotation for material success which we are reminded on a daily basis

Since I was young I always had a mindful way of living which forced me to question “why?” repeatedly on certain issues in life until i got something close to an acceptable answer in relationship with nature. I have never had doubts on the fact that human beings are related to animals. And I honestly think that we should not be ashamed of being sophisticated animals, it’s just ok. We sleep, eat, defecate and fornicate like them, so any man with reason and an above average IQ would be tempted by the idea that we must have some sort of a kinship with them. A premise, which Darwin and many other men of thought sought to scrutinize.  Continue reading