On Selfishness

Pablo Picasso 1905, family of  Saltimbanques

I understand and fully accept the unspoken fact that everyone thinks that they are the “chosen one”. I think it is a natural and instinctual behavior to be selfish deep inside. It’s an indispensable and immutable component of our survival instincts. But this does not mean that we must constantly display it to everyone with all of its nudity. Human beings are also social animals with cultures and customs which do not appreciate fully exposed individual selfish intents. This is derived from the fact that a tribe’s survival and well being has always been more important than any individual’s self interests within that tribe. Hence we have called people who don’t understand and comply with these collective values ‘selfish’ and those who understand them ‘generous’. 

People who aren’t labeled as selfish in the business world are indeed selfish but they are just more intelligent and know how to put their ‘tribal mask’ on compared to those whom we label as being ‘selfish pricks’. They are capable of putting themselves in other people’s shoes; an increasingly disappearing virtue nowadays. They know well that everyone thinks they are number one in their universe and that they must find a way to convince them that by helping them they will also help themselves.

If a man constantly and explicitly uses people for his own personal gain without devising win-win situations for whom he wants to collaborate with, his days in the business world will be numbered. I am personally irritated by such people and honestly don’t want to give a minute of my time.

We are animals heavily dependent on each other. Parasitic relationships are not welcome in our tribe/nature. That type of relationship only exists between a mom and her child, where a child unconditionally receives benefits without giving anything in return, but not in the real (business) world.
It’s safe to say that those who are easily labeled as ‘selfish’ are not bad or evil people. But they are simply either immature in the sense that they think everyone is like a mother to them or they simply lack empathy and social intelligence.
It’s also important to note that Money alone is not power. It does not give a man immunity from social and tribal customs and obligations which are written in our DNA through hundreds of thousands of years of behavioral evolution. Money is only a temporary sign of power. Through out my 31 years of life time I have already personally known tons of rich but laughably powerless men who warship what they have materially instead of worshipping what created what they have at the first place. This way or that way even the richest man on this planet will need to emotionally connect and deal with people from the lower classes one day, therefore acting like a lord and mentally isolating oneself from the tribe is not at all a good idea no matter how much financial means one may have. A powerful man who understands the true nature of humanity can quickly build his empire out of nothing or even bankruptcy. Power is a combination of instinct and knowledge. And if you add desire and hard work to that you are unstoppable in your field of interest. Whatever it may be.

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