God Is In The Budget



Low budget projects are mostly a waste of time. No matter what intellectual effort you put chances are pretty high that the product is going to look bad up close in detail, specially for projects in the East. In these types of buildings your enthusiasm will not be acknowledged and shared by the cheap workmanship and cheap construction materials used on the building. Everyone is going to be there on site to get the job done quickly with as little effort as possible and then get out. The massing and site diagram of the project could be flawless, but detailing of the structure will be a mess no matter how often you visit the construction site. Modules will be executed optionally, causing a disastrous chain reaction of aesthetic catastrophes, railings and other building components such as window sills will not be in harmony regarding color palates and material properties. All construction materials will be selected by the subcontractor based on price, not on compositional compatibility. Architecture does not have immunity from the bitter toughness of capitalism, just like any other profession except for music and the visual arts such as painting and sculpting. A good musician can sit down with sticks and stones or a broken guitar and produce acceptable art work, but in the highly collaborative profession of architecture its different; budget really does make a huge difference.

Either they put alot of Photoshop on the low income housing projects we see on the internet where in actual reality they look hideous or they are simply hiding or lying about the true cost and the story of the construction processes which took place within those buildings.

By far only one project in Chile with a short budget looked arguably fine, but did have a very strong and socially interactive design concept to it. The architect who built that happens to be the last recipient of thePritzker prize in architecture.


Low cost housing project in Chile, Designed by Alajandro Aravena

Low income housing is a tough one, because of the fact that everything is working against your composition as opposed to the projects with comfortable budgets where you are spoon fed with an array of options in building materials and components and craftsmanship that is under your full command.

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