On the Human Ego


Raul Conestro oil painting

I’m convinced that the single biggest weakness of the human animal is his “ego”.

History and our daily lives are full of examples where ego’s stood and continue to stand in the way of progress and achievement.

Those who are able to manage and are constantly aware of the ego’s of others and themselves (0.01% of the entire human population) are on the extreme advantaged side of the game we’re all in.

Understanding and managing the ego without subduing it is a skill which needs constant mindfulness and does not come to us automatically with old age or regular life experiences. Hence, why we see many old men as well as young ones heavily enslaved by their strong egos, refusing to yield to merited opinions and common sense which may potentially discomfort their ego.

The business world and its markets value those who produce demanded goods and services more like a cold robot than an egocentric diva. The ego, it does not need. The moment I ever mention to a colleague or collaborator that I may have an uncomforting cold, after some meaningless small talk the problem gets quickly ignored and the conversation is directed right back on the issues within the project, as if the person I’m working with is refusing to accept that I’m a human being who may get ill from time to time. The market doesn’t want to hear about feelings, illnesses and especially comments or opinions directed from our “ego’s”. It solely wants intelligent, fast, selfless, and reliable robots, and it has been asking for it since many decades. In the long term, the market, with nothing but more profit on its mind, will eventually get what it wants at the cost of sacrificing more human labor and jobs. Frankly, I am not shy when it comes to entertaining the idea that one day indeed humanoid robots devoid from the ego will rule over us.

It’s almost like; the more you’re able to manage your ego the more advanced you are in human evolution. It’s more of an evolutionary/skill thing than it is about old age and wisdom.

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