The Chosen Generation of Architects


Our generation had a front row seat in the initiation of humanity’s transition from physical to digital. We were the ones who first abandoned real time outdoor interactions and real games for dial up internet connections with mIRC. 

If our generation of architects and builders cannot bring back attention to the outdoor spaces again by rethinking and redesigning them so that they are more exciting than a smart phone, than nobody can after us. Simply, because in the future majorities of people will not know of an alternative to an unnatural digital world dominated by more developed, updated, well equipped and fully simulated versions of Instagram Facebook skype whatsapp Viber etc.

1 thought on “The Chosen Generation of Architects

  1. Baba Kaya

    I predict that with such saturation of digital information validty of reality will be negated and we will be forced to return to our sensory world to reafirm our existence.
    Your generation will rediscover and return to nature (what is left of it).
    Altough there is a real danger that your generation may not reproduce enough children to survive. In that case the world could be inherited by more primitive tribes who continue to value family unity and security.



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