The Biggest Problem Facing Humanity Since Global Warming

Now future generations not only have to deal with extreme weather conditions which came with global warming but also severe mental health problems that will prevail with the social environments which these types of technological innovations will undoubtedly create.
As we continue to shrug our shoulders for the idea of reviving face to face interaction as a generation, we greatly offend nature and its close ambassador in us, who goes by the pseudonym: “The endocrine system”.

Look at the image above carefully, in the near future you’ll see more of that in buses, airplanes, trains, waiting rooms, lecture halls, parks, architecture offices and probably in your own living room.
We will miss our smart phones; remembering and smiling at the trivial complaints that they used to bring to our dinner tables compared to the VR Headsets that we will face soon.
Recent news on the technology:

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