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In Defense of Classicism

The more I think of it, the more I believe that Marcel Duchamp’s “fountain” is a disgrace to the art world.

If he had not put that urinal in display arguing that any stupid thing could replace excellency in craft, we wouldn’t have had todays shallow pop culture. He enticed hoards of untalented wanna be artists into the world of art. Degrading humanity all together. Continue reading

The Tanker and The Mind


The mind is no different than a vessel within the Bosphorus.

When we are young our minds are similar to that of a speed boat, it is agile and it easily maneuvers itself to different directions as it wishes. But as we age our frames of the world turn more into massive tankers of slow speed, which possess in it the heavy weights of experience and engraved belief systems acquired through many decades. In order to change its direction a tanker needs a long time and a good distance, which the Bosphorus does not provide due to its narrow and meandering nature.  Continue reading

SPQR, Senātus Populus que Rōmānus


SPQR, Senātus Populus que Rōmānus. (Senate, People and Roman)

Roman citizens were fortunate people who were alive in perhaps the best times of human history. Though technology and medicine were not as advanced as of today, there societal values were virtuous and nothing near the level of cultural degradation we see as of today through the current instagram and social justice culture we are experiencing. Morals and Ethics were at the forefront in daily life, and many stoic philosophers rose to the spot light under the reign of Roman Emperor’s.  Continue reading

Are All Cities Ready For Architecture?

An architect can try to do all his best, but if the culture is unwilling to accept the value of buildings he is just wasting his time.

Not only is an architect challenged while designing and implementing artistic common sense during interdisciplinary collaboration, but what he gets built after the design process is also heavily vulnerable to constant civic sabotage and his intellectual intent to constant vandalization. Continue reading

The Truth About Big Cities


A city is an unnatural habitat for human beings and is no different than a cancer tissue on Earth, which grows and grows until it destroys its host by turning natural wildernesses into concrete and steel jungles.

Similar to how our digestive systems are not yet evolved and adopted to agricultural inventions such as bread and rice (Which is clearly the case when the levels of insulin and sugar in our blood streams are analyzed after consuming these products), living cramped with more than two million people in a 800km2 area is also a social invention which both our psychological and physiological systems are not adopted to. And looking at the slow rate of evolution through out the history of men, it is highly unlikely that we will ever adopt to big cities in the next few millennia.  Continue reading

The Biggest Problem Facing Humanity Since Global Warming

Now future generations not only have to deal with extreme weather conditions which came with global warming but also severe mental health problems that will prevail with the social environments which these types of technological innovations will undoubtedly create.
As we continue to shrug our shoulders for the idea of reviving face to face interaction as a generation, we greatly offend nature and its close ambassador in us, who goes by the pseudonym: “The endocrine system”.

Continue reading

The Theory of an Evolution Break


We think we can outsmart nature’s rules by constantly creating alternatives to its ways, but she has a secret weapon for taking back what is rightfully hers. It’s called population decline. And its weapon does not utilize a virus or a natural catastrophe like a tsunami or an earthquake, her weapon lingers in our own mind and belief system. if you are a smart independent thinker, chances are high that you are already a victim of it.

One only needs to look at global population growth statics in order to see the larger picture. Is it by luck that developed nation states are not reproducing well enough where some are experiencing population decline? is it by chance that Sergey the computer scientist from Talinn in his late 30s has no kids and waiting patiently for the right match via online dating sites, but Abdul the villager at the age of 32 from kabul has 11 kids from his 2 wives both through arranged marriages?  Continue reading