An Architect’s Biggest Fear


I used to think that it was a good thing that our architecture would be demanded and consumed in the early phases of its construction. But after several completed buildings, my biggest fear has become the early appreciation of a project.

Because, once all units are sold towards the mid phases of the construction, developers/investors become reluctant to finish the project as planned, they fall in love with the money that they have made from the early deals and see the project as something to be completed as quickly and cheaply as possible. They start to deploy cheap methods and materials into the work of art, sabotaging my ideas and wasting the doses of concentrated mental energy that I have invested. It’s not right that the building should be punished financially for having early success. An Architect should not be seen as a stock broker of the construction business. News that our architecture is being consumed before I lay its final details does not make me happy anymore, it scares me.

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