On Frugality



“And to make it our aim to seek riches, not from Fortune, but from ourselves.”
– Seneca

Frugality is a mental sickness that goes hand in hand with acquiring riches. One would think that the richer you get the more comfortable and generous you may become. But in reality its quite the opposite.

A frugal man does not have the self discipline to train his mind about the meaning of real wealth.

Stinginess is nothing more than a vain state of mind which is in-prisoned by numbers.

According to psychological research, as long as people save just a little more than what they spend than they should be happy regarding their financial status.

As we get older towards the end of our lives the only thing that truly matters is the amount of great memories, notable experiences, good friends, loved ones, family members, and the contribution and legacy we have made to our profession, not the digits we hoarded on our bank accounts.

Money is just a different form of social technology intelligently invented by men to aid trade and wealth preservation, but still an unnatural concept to the course of evolution and therefore the degree of serotonin money may give to us is highly limited. After a certain number it cannot bring more happiness no matter how much more you make.

A rich and stingy man is a powerless, lost and weak man who needs to start reading more than counting. A man of financial capability should be in the business of acquiring power and wisdom not saving every single penny he has.


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