On Dealing with Distractions


Representation of a sitting of the Roman Senate: Cicero attacks Catilina, from a 19th-century fresco.

In these culturally and socially degenerate times in which we live in, only a real man has the power to resist the tempting mindless distractions conveniently offered to him via the internet.

He possesses self dicscipline and is capable of putting his smart phone aside from him in order to read through a nice and thick book on ancient philosophy and history all the way to the end so to dissect and learn from the experiences and thoughts of other great men of accomplishment.

He undertsands that only through carefuly anlyzing these great men of the past he can improve himself and aid the development of his ideas and the quality and clarity of his thoughts, which form his decision making mechanisms.

Since it is obvious to him that eventhough many things have changed through out the years, human behavior hasn’t changed much since antiquity.

Thus the advice and wisdom of great men of history ought to be the number one source of inspiration for his ways of operating in the present and a very convenient shortcut for not making mistakes which would take him back years in the attainment of his endeavors.

Since the real currency of life is “time” not “cash”, by spending a few weeks reading valuable books he knows that he can save years of life time by not engaging in the hard way of learning through trial and error.

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