The Theory of an Evolution Break


We think we can outsmart nature’s rules by constantly creating alternatives to its ways, but she has a secret weapon for taking back what is rightfully hers. It’s called population decline. And its weapon does not utilize a virus or a natural catastrophe like a tsunami or an earthquake, her weapon lingers in our own mind and belief system. if you are a smart independent thinker, chances are high that you are already a victim of it.

One only needs to look at global population growth statics in order to see the larger picture. Is it by luck that developed nation states are not reproducing well enough where some are experiencing population decline? is it by chance that Sergey the computer scientist from Talinn in his late 30s has no kids and waiting patiently for the right match via online dating sites, but Abdul the villager at the age of 32 from kabul has 11 kids from his 2 wives both through arranged marriages? 

Who has a better chance in discovering a type of finite energy source that would damage our world or would be able to create an alternative virtual reality for us to dwell in or a well planned migration route to Mars if things go sour on earth, Abdul or Sergey?
Sergey, without a doubt.
But who is reproducing well and spreading his genes?


In some cars there is this mechanism called “engine break” it automatically slows down the vehicle once it has reached a level of high speed to insure safety. Same thing with evolution. Too much intelligence makes nature perform an act of an “evolution break” as I like to call it. It utilizes this action gradually and silently in order to protect herself. It’s so sneaky, silent and gradual that you can barely notice it.

A high percentage of people with above average intelligence are not able to form a nuclear family simply because they value independence more than they should. They end up not reproducing, waiting for the perfect moment the perfect time the perfect person, which obviously never exists. And even if these people find themselves in an act of “unprotected sex”, during climax they stop and ejaculate elsewhere. How can evolutionists explain this? What is it that lets intelligence take over our animalistic instincts and desire to reproduce in that very moment? Weren’t genes supposed to be selfish? since when do they think about its host? that moment thoughts of not wanting to have a family and responsibility comes into mind and it shuts up the selfish gene’s desires for immortality. This is the act of “evolution break” at its very best.

Nature wants ordinary human beings who follow its guidelines without challenging or defying its rules, people who don’t question too much and do as they feel is best for the moment.
However, Nature’s endeavors are justifiable as always. Did the world become a better place with too much technological innovations? its debatable if we talk about moderation, but my personal opinion is: no it did not become a better place.

Is it by luck that so many great minds and artists in history suffered so much mentally? Nature doesn’t need intelligent people, it needs simple and ordinary folks who follow its rules, this way earth and nature itself ensures its survival and it rewards its obedient followers who comply with her cause through endorphins, serotonins and so on.

We predict too much technological advancements in the millennia to come, but i am not so sure about it. The level of technology in the year of 3016 could be similar to 2216 due to the stabilization of innovative minds. This steep curve for technological advancements through time will normalize, and it won’t be because of a war, a plague or any other sudden action.. but because of a gradual defense mechanism evolution has against too much intelligence that constantly questions its existence and the meaning of life.

That being said, i bow down and show my respect to nature’s greatness and accept its superiority over me.

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