On Happiness


I am often asked by close people wether I am happy or not living in the city of Adana; a city where I recently discovered that even Syrian refugees despise. Upon some small talk at the streets of istanbul last weekend, one Syrian guy told me that only the stupid Syrians stayed in Adana. And this happens to be the city that I live and work in.

My answer about happiness is simple; A man “should not be concerned with being happy”, he must solely concentrate on doing the “right thing”, even if it won’t bring him transient feelings of happiness. Questions about “how do I feel?”, “am I happy right now?” these are all womanly questions to ask in its nature.

I think its the right thing to contribute to the development of a city in which our ancestors fought for, why would I work for western countries which want to openly divide and conquer my country?

Even if the urban fabric is garbage, at least its my garbage.

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