On The Importance Of Human Anatomy in Architecture


Before an architecture student makes a single click on auto-cad, he must study the human anatomy first, thoroughly. An architect at a young age should be able to understand the proportions and geometries of God’s divine creation before he attempts to create art himself.

All the arts are connected to each other with thin but strong strings, that are hard to see at first, especially for the common man.

If one can draw the human anatomy perfectly, there is absolutely no way hecan design ugly buildings, unless he does it intentionally or if he is forced to do so by problematic building and zoning codes in the city that he is building in. He will always carry in his mind the compositional rules of the human body, and as a student of architecture while designing a building he will quickly and intuitively realize the aesthetic mistakes he has made and fix them without any external mentorship. 

This is something that should be a must in architecture education, learning of the bodily structures of humans (and animals like horses if possible) must come before learning of the architectural mass and space for architecture students. This shouldn’t be negotiable.

Do you think that Picasso or Marcel Duchamp could have created their master pieces in their abstract works if they haven’t learned and mastered human anatomy firstly? I highly doubt it. So instead of giving the students non-sense huge projects like airports and football stadiums, give the poor students some good foundation; let them start learning about the art of shelter by learning about who they’re providing shelter for at first.


On the video below I further talked about the importance of The Arts, specifically music and figure drawing in order to design buildings more sensibly.

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