The Entrepreneur


Compared to past generations in history, the world is experiencing an unprecedented amount of materialism. Most other virtues of life have been over shadowed by this phenomenon, which was developed by the baby boomer generation, and later picked up by the millennials. These materialist trends were accelerated via social media and the success gurus within it.

Based on the advise of these gurus we should all be location independent Entrepreneurs.

The typical “successful” entrepreneur happens to be really good at looking at the world and connecting the dots in regards to how he can use his environment and the people within it to serve his measurable goals. He looks at every social interaction as an “opportunity” to help him progress on his material cause. Every interaction with a new person he has is an opportunity for him to advance his fame, finances, and appearance. It’s all about serving himself by extracting from the world. In other words, “taking, taking, taking, and taking”. The Entrepreneur has even learnt to subtly mimic empathy in order to disguise the irritable voice of his ever hungry ambitious ego which lies beneath the facade of his delicately crafted and theatrically presented words.

But through out the years, eventually, all of this ultimately leads to his spiritual demise. There will always be a richer man, a younger and more talented competitor, which he will take notice and in turn raise the bar of success for. There is no question that an extractive spirit’s appetite compounds exponentially through out the years, leaving the individual chronically unsatisfied, spiritually lost and just very unhappy. In the end, somewhere around the lines he has to explain himself why he spent his time on earth the way he did. In pursuit of happiness through measurable material success?

Almost everything in our environment, including the extreme materialistic culture that we are in and the cyborg like online lifestyle that we are annexed into is setting us up for our spiritual demise. The path of a location independent CEO Entrepreneur is a path to self inflicted sadness, since its primary goal is all about “taking” as opposed to “giving”. 

The paradox about happiness is that the moment a person starts to feel happy is the moment he stops looking for happiness and instead works on making others well. And this, by definition, can only be achieved through giving, not taking.

Having some material comfort is important ofcourse, but it ought not to be the ultimate goal of a man, as it is in the mind of a modern location independent jacked CEO Entrepreneur broadcasting on instagram.

As a job, a person should choose his passion and what he loves to do in life and whatever money comes from it, he should be content with. Anything more than that is starting to flirt with the millennial utopic idea of the location independent jacked CEO on instagram.

Understand that there is absolutely no way to know the true feelings underneath the mask of the hyped millennial CEO online celebrity. We can only suspect and assume.



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